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Introduction to the app

  • Log in

  • Structure of the app

  • Maps and visualizations

  • Basic structure of objects and workflows

Create objects of different types

  • High seat &  incidents (point object)

  • Skid trail (line object)

  • Partial area (area object)

  • Other objects:  Forest inventory control point, info point, high-value wood, forest road & truck road

Filter functions of objects

  • Filtering of operative data by stock

  • The setting of multiple filters for one object, for example with type of use and current stock

About the incidents workflow

  • Planning and creation of work orders for the incidents workflow

About the pre-commercial thinning workflow

  • Planning and creation of work orders for the pre-commercial thinning workflow

About the timber harvest workflow

  • Species planning and felling planning for the wood harvest

  • Create task orders for sub-steps: marking, felling & skidding

About the measures of care & value pruning and other workflows

  • Planning and creation of task orders for the workflows of care and value pruning, and other tasks

Creation of partial areas & all about the planting workflow

  • Creation of partial areas with type of use

  • Culture and tree species planning for partial areas

  • Creation of the task order for planting

Filter and execute

  • Filter options of responsibilities 

  • Prioritization of work steps 

  • Detailed view of workflows

  • Execution of workflows

Desktop version of Dynamic Forest

  • Differences to the app in operation

  • Download of geodata from the desktop version

Download offline maps

  • Download offline maps in menu

  • Aerial photos and maps available online and offline at any time

About user management & 
hierarchy in the enterprise

  • Creation of new users

  • Hierarchy specific assignment on company level up to precinct level

  • Role assignment and declaration of the administrator  normal user and limited user

Do you need help
with our app?

The OCELL Customer Service Team is there for you. 
We are happy to help you with any questions or problems relating to the Dynamic Forest app. You are also welcome to give us feedback on our software here.

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