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Lower costs in 
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Digital forest management

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Fully digital and
operationally usable data

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Our product range.

With our digital forest management system, we offer forestry companies the possibility to transfer all of their operation's inventory information and geodata to a modern and usable format that all stakeholders in Dynamic Forest can work with. Our digital forest management consists of three core elements: 

Luftbild Bestandsanalyse


Aerial image and AI-based

inventory analysis

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Ocell Produkt Paket
Ocell Produkt Paket

High-resolution current aerial image

Extraction of all inventory information

Grouping of stands into management classes

Luftbild vom Wald mit Bestandsgrenzen



forest inventory

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Re-mapping of stand boundaries & roads

Suggestion of optimal ground control points

Calculation of fiscal use rate

Dynamic Forest Aufnahme einer Teilfläche


Dynamic Forest App

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24 month license for Dynamic Forest

Operational use of all forest inventory data

Permanently up-to-date database

Our offer.

from 17.90€/ha *

Software license for 24 months


Dynamic Forest App & Desktop


Integration of existing GIS-data

Remapping of stand boundaries & roads

Inventory-wise evaluation of forest inventory parameters

Control point recording

Fiscal allowable cut

High resolution current aerial image

Luftbild von oben mit Grenzen der Bestände

* Prices based on company size




< 500


>  3000

>  2000-3000

€ 14,900

€ 24.90

€ 21.90

€ 17.90

€ 18.90

per ha

fixed price

per ha

per ha

per ha

Digital forest inventory

Ihr Ansprechpartner Joshua Weber
Ihr Ansprechpartner Giulio Gehrs

Feel free to

contact us about

our products.

Do you have any questions about one of our packages or about the process of our complete forest inventory? Don't hesitate to contact us.

The Digital Forest

Inventory process.

Systematic transfer

of your data

We transfer your latest forestry data into our flexible database format and extract necessary parameters for analysis. In this process, transferring analog data is also possible.


Zeichnung Datentransfer Dynamic Forest

Overflying the area &
analysis of your data

We will determine an optimal time slot with you, then perform the flight and analysis of your data. Depending on your needs, inventory boundaries can be adjusted or completely remapped.

Zeichnung Befliegung und Analyse des Waldes


Integration of data in
 Dynamic Forest

We integrate the new digital forestry data into Dynamic Forest, so that it can be used by all stakeholders, mobile and offline. Furthermore, we calculate and include the minimum number of control points required for recognition

of the fiscal use rate.

Zeichnung Integration der Daten in Dynamic Forest


Record control points

Based on the aerial photo analysis, control point sampling can be carried out. The measurements at control points can be performed by the forester or by our partner Center-Forst. The measurements are then transmitted to OCELL and integrated for the usage rate calculation.


Quality update & report

 for financial administrations


Zeichnung Aufnahme der Kontrollpunkte
Ablauf der digitalen Forsteinrichtung
Zeichnung Qualität

Center Forst


Using the samples, the data quality is optimized and the tax office report is created. Center-Forst first agrees on the usage rate with the company and then with the respective tax office. You will receive the written acknowledgement for the tax subsequently via mail.

Center Forst

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Are you interested
in a Digital Forest

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