Dynamic Forest
The operating 
system of
digital forestry.


New horizons
in forest management.

With computer-based analyses of aerial photographs, OCELL sets the new standard for digital forest management. The dynamic maps contain all relevant parameters of your forest in a systematic and enterprise-specific database. Through constant cloud synchronization, all stakeholders can interact with the current data at all times, add information or plan new workflows and monitor their progress.

Germany's largest
forestry enterprises
use OCELL.

Save costs through
better processes.

OCELL - Icon Kultur, Pflege und Förderflächen dokumentieren
OCELL - Icon Arbeitsaufträge direkt im Wald erstellen
OCELL - Icon Aufträge und Informationen teilen
OCELL - Icon Waldbauliche Planung mobil im Wald erfassen
OCELL- Icon Bestandsbezogene Einschnitte der Harvester einsehen

Document your cultivation,  

maintenance & reserve areas

Create task orders

directly in the forest

Share task orders

and information

Capture silvicultural

planning while in-field

View inventory information

mobile and offline


Our packages.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Update of the  

Digital Forest Inventory

Dynamic Forest + 

Digital Forest Inventory

Tier 3

Dynamic Forest

App & Desktop

from 12,500€ *

Software license

for 24 months

Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png

Dynamic Forest
App & Desktop

Integration of existing

forest inventory data

High resolution

current aerial image

Remapping of stand boundaries & roads

Inventory-wise evaluation of

forest inventory parameters

Control point recording

Fiscal allowable cut

from 8,900€ *

from 890€ *

Software license

for 24 months

Software license

for 12 months

Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png

Dynamic Forest
App & Desktop

High resolution

current aerial image

Updating inventory boundaries
& inventory parameters

Analysis of inventory


Evaluation of implemented workflows

Element 8_720x-8.png
Element 8_720x-8.png

Dynamic Forest
App & Desktop

Integration of existing forest inventory data

* Prices refer to companies up to 500 ha. 

For bigger companies: 

Tier 2

Tier 1

Tier 3



< 500

€ 12,500

€ 24.00


>  3000

>  2000-3000

€ 23.00

€ 18.00

€ 21.00

€ 8,900

€ 11.00

€ 10.50

€ 10.00

€ 9.00

€ 890

€ 1.20

€ 0.90

€ 0.80

€ 0.70

per ha

lump sum

per ha

per ha

per ha

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New possibilities through AI.

Element 78_3x-8.png

Recognition & classification of each tree

Element 80_3x-8.png

Height measurement

of every

single tree

Element 85_3x-8.png

Calculation of the current CO2 storage capacity

Element 82_3x-8.png


into optimal management classes

Element 83_3x-8.png

Prediction of optimal management

Impact on 
climate change.

A well-managed forest produces more usable wood. One cubic meter of wood stores one ton of CO2. The use of wood as a material creates substitution effects. One cubic meter of wood harvested in Germany effectively compensates for ~ 2.2 t CO2. *  

The use of our Dynamic Forest software contributes to the direct improvement of forest growth and to the avoidance of dead wood.


Dynamic Forest


As a management platform, Dynamic Forest provides access to a network of connected partners and third-party software with open interfaces. Thus, we enable a seamless integration of all relevant functionalities.

Dynamic Forest 

as a platform for digital

forest management.



Regulatory Agencies

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External Companies


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Dynamic Forest- 

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Dynamic Forest reduces your administrative overhead in forest management and speeds up your processes.