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Incentivizing natural capital
CO2-optimized forest management
Diversify your timberland asset

Incentivizing natural capital.

Your forest provides indispensable benefits for people, animals, and the climate. As our project partner, you will be rewarded for this contribution. Additionally, you diversify your income and reduce dependence on selling timber alone.

Together with our experts, you develop a plan for CO2-optimized forest management. With our Dynamic Forest App and Digital Forest Inventory, you can keep all data transparently accessible.

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The Voluntary Carbon Market.

Companies are increasingly responding to the growing environmental awareness of the public, customers, employees, business partners, and investors. Also, more and more companies are obligated to disclose non-financial information.

The voluntary carbon market offers companies the opportunity to offset their (so far) unavoidable CO2 emissions by investing in climate protection projects.

How To Become a Project Partner?

Our experts conduct an initial assessment to determine the potential of a carbon project on your woodland.

Afterwards, we carry out a digital forest inventory to provide the data basis for the project.

Based on this data, we work with you to create a forest management plan that allows your forest to store more carbon, making it more economical overall.

Local companies buy carbon credits of your project forest and thus finance a CO2-optimized forest management.

How does your forest store more CO2?
What do you need to consider?

If the carbon storage is considered in forest planning, the optimal rotation periods increase, and the forest, on average, becomes older. Depending on the tree species and the stability of the location, individual stands are usually left in the forest for ten to 40 years longer than before. Additionally, a deliberate effort is made to introduce mixed tree species to increase biodiversity.

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