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Aerial image of a forest with a walking path.

Unlocking the Full Potential
of European Forests.

We use aerial photography and AI to offer companies local climate projects that are transparent, measurable and effective.

Why invest in forest projects?​

​Forests offer much more than just wood.

​Trees act as significant carbon sinks. German forests alone store over 11 billion tons of CO2, making them essential for climate mitigation. But there's more. Healthy mixed forests provide a wide range of benefits, including rich biodiversity, effective water regulation, and a cooling effect.​

By purchasing local carbon credits, you invest in climate projects that improve forest management (IFM). This transforms timber-driven monocultures to climate-friendly mixed forests, that are crucial in combating climate change.

Close-up of a tree with strong roots that are partially above ground

Advanced forest technology for ​highest integrity.​

Over the past years, we have dedicated extensive time and resources to develop our unique, data-driven technology. The result is the leading operating system for Climate Smart Forestry: Dynamic Forest.

With Dynamic Forest, we create digital twins of forests, which serve as the foundation for a reliable MRV system (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification). This allows us to measure and make our climate projects and their success transparent.

Currently, more than 500,000 hectares of forest area are being measured and managed using Dynamic Forest. That's more than 500,000 soccer fields which makes us the leading partner for forest management.

Would you like to make an immediate and sustainable contribution to the forest ecosystem?
OCELL can help you.

  • Different devices (Laptop, Tablet, Mobilephone) showing example images of the Dynamic forest software.

    For landowners

    Set up forest project​

    Learn how you can optimize your forest management and be rewarded for additional CO2 storage performance.

  • Aerial image of a mixed forest.

    For carbon credit buyers

    Invest in forest project​

    Invest in local carbon
    credits to support forest
    climate projects.