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Unlocking the full potential of our forests to protect our climate.

OCELL is known from

Nature-Based, Yet Technology-Driven Carbon Projects.

For companies committed to real climate action, finding the right nature investment project can be a challenge. Many projects lack transparency, making it hard to see their true impact.

That’s why we develop data-driven carbon credits using state-of-the-art technology. This way we can accurately measure the carbon storage of local forests and make all project data transparent at all times.

This means our customers can confidently invest in our projects, knowing they're helping local forest owners turn their woodlands into mixed forests that store more carbon and adapt to climate change.

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Our Promise.

True Climate Impact

We ensure all our actions have a measurable impact on mitigating climate change.

Trust Through Quality

We ensure the highest standards for data quality, implementing rigorous quality assurance measures and upholding scientific credibility.

Excellence In Technology

We continuously strive to deliver exceptional products, driven by state-of-the-art innovations that push the boundaries of what's possible.

End-to-End Transparency

We are committed to making our climate projects transparent, fostering honest communication at every step of the way.

Our Background.

OCELL was founded in 2019 when David Dohmen, Christian Decher, and Felix Horvat - three engineers from the Technical University in Munich - had the idea to use technology to fully harness the potential of our forests.

Today, our team comprises over 50 carbon & forest experts, data scientists, software engineers and other passionate professionals, all driven by our shared goal of making a positive impact on climate change mitigation.

Our Journey.


  • OCELL was founded
  • Our team is growing
  • First forest survey and analysis


  • Launch of Dynamic Forest app


  • First pre-seed funding round by Better Ventures & business angels


  • Moving to a bigger office
  • $5M seed funding by AENU, Summiteer & business angels


  • 1,000 forest professionals use our app
  • Launch of first climate protection projects


  • >500,000 ha forest area under management
  • >2,000 forest professionals using our app
  • We're now more than 50 tech & sustainability enthusiasts