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Dynamic Forest

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All data digital & mobile

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All workflows at a glance

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All stakeholders involved

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One platform.

No more paperwork. Access your interactive maps at any time of the day for a quick overview of your entire company - from forestry inventory to annual planning.

With the combination of offline maps and automatic synchronization, you ensure seamless data exchange with all involved stakeholders in your company.


Everything forest management needs.


With the Dynamic Forest App, you always have the latest forest management data in your pocket.

By simply filtering the maps, GIS data and information about workflows can be displayed easily and clearly. New map objects and work tasks are created in the forest with just a few clicks and shared directly with all authorized members of your company.


Dynamic Forest Desktop Version - Funktionen im Kartenmodus | OCELL

We are happy to offer you a demo of Dynamic Forest - individually tailored to your company.

Customer testimonials.

"Together with our foresters, the main geoinformation systems available on the market were viewed and analyzed. During this selection process, the startup OCELL stood out. It provided the alternative use that made the most sense for us."

Maximilian Freiherr von Rotenhan, CEO

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* Prices based on company size

Monthly price

Area / ha


< 1.000

€ 89.00

€ 164.00



€ 389.00

€ 722.00

fixed price

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Software license for 12 months

Our offer.

Integration of existing GIS-data

Dynamic Forest App & Desktop


from 89€ / month *

Dynamic Forest


Contact us.

Do you have questions about our Dynamic Forest software?
We are happy to help you.

Dynamic Forest

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From collaborative partnerships to open source.

Dynamic Forest has the optimal network around forestry, for an excellent management of your forestry company.


Supply chain integration.

With the Dynamic Forest App, OCELL covers all areas of forest management, from silviculture and thinning to wood harvest. Our interface to inventory management is made possible by our partner TimberData from TimberTom. TimberData covers all areas from pile detection to wood processing in the sawmill. Through our cooperation, we map the entire supply chain together and offer our customers the option of holistic forest and wood management.

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Core functions.


Calamity workup.

Record data, such as calamities, and exchange work orders. With integrated planning, commissioning and completion confirmation, you benefit from faster workup and comprehensive documentation.


Harvesting order.

All forest-specific processes can be handled across devices via Dynamic Forest.
From the identification of areas, the planning and execution of workflows, the collection of enforcement data to the evaluation in the annual overview.



Get a quick overview of clear areas through our interactive map material and user-friendly filter options.
Furthermore, Dynamic Forest offers precise documentation of tree species and overview of stand development.

Annual planning.

Get an overview of the annual planning and current status of all workflows in the region and company.
Automated updating of our dashboards, statistics, reports and workflow documentation gives you a real-time overview of your operational database at any time.



With our dashboards you get a quick and easy overview of the current status of all ongoing processes as well as the actual figures of the forest - so the annual planning is done quickly. In addition, the deviation between the planning and the current status can be checked continuously.

The dashboards create transparency for the manager and simplify reporting to the owners.

Dynamic Forest Desktop Version - Revierübergreifende Nutzerverwaltung | OCELL

Complete transparency

of all processes and data.

With our dashboards you get a quick and easy overview of the current status of all ongoing processes as well as current figures on the current state of the forest. With the dashboards, the annual planning is done quickly, and in addition, the deviation between planning and current status can be checked continuously. The dashboards create transparency for the manager and simplify reporting to the owners.


Feature timeline.

With the feature timeline, you are always up to date on all newly developed or improved Dynamic Forst features.

Dynamic Forest.

The management system for

your forestry company.

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