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We are OCELL. 

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About us.

OCELL is a Munich-based sustainable tech startup that emerged as a scientific spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. Our vision is to provide cutting-edge technologies for forestry in order to overcome the climatic changes of our time together with our customers. Through our AI technology, the forest can fully develop its potential as a sustainable resource as well as a highly efficient CO2 reservoir.

Together we form a strong team of engineers, developers,

AI specialists, business economists and designers.

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OCELL Culture. 

We are committed to equal opportunities in the workplace,  regardless of nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status or disability.

28 employees

11 nationalities

Meet us.

Christian Decher Co-CEO OCELL

Christian Decher

Felix Horvat CTO OCELL

Felix Horvat

David Dohmen Co-CEO OCELL

David Dohmen

Marion Kaun HR OCELL

Marion Kaun

Luca Martinatti OCELL

Luca Martinatti

Giulio Gehr's OCELL

Giulio Gehrs

Rebecca White OCELL

Rebecca Weiss

Korbinian Obermayr OCELL

Korbinian Obermayr

Kathrin Kirchler OCELL

Kathrin Kirchler

Joshua Weber OCELL

Joshua Weber

Rim El Jammal OCELL

Rim El Jammal

Florian Schwarzfischer OCELL

Florian Schwarzfischer

Sigita Grīnfelde OCELL

Sigita Grinfelde

Beyrem Kaddech OCELL

Beyrem Kaddech

Kartal Kaan Bozdogan OCELL

Kartal Kaan Bozdogan

Christian Zehner OCELL

Christian Zehner

Franziska Hofrichter OCELL

Franziska Hofrichter

Nikola Cenic OCELL

Nikola Cenikj

Ioannis Melfos OCELL

Ioannis Melfos

Julia Marchetti OCELL

Julia Marchetti

Michael Neufeld OCELL

Michael Neufeld

Felix Mittermeier OCELL

Felix Mittermeier

Adrian Poniatowski OCELL

Adrian Poniatowski

Julian Streit OCELL

Julian Streit

Caspar von Schönberg OCELL

Caspar von Schönberg

Bogdan Gheorghiu

Bogdan Gheorghiu

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