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OCELL Introduces New TimberData Interface for Enhanced Forestry Processes 

Munich, June 19, 2024 – OCELL, provider of the all-in-one forestry management software Dynamic Forest, and TimberTom, manufacturer of the ERP system TimberData (successor to DekaData's EuroForst), are pleased to announce their new partnership. Starting immediately, they offer customers an interface for automated and secure data transfer. Forestry practitioners can now view TimberData log piles within Dynamic Forest's forestry map, including all relevant details on quantities, types, and recipients, as well as aggregate harvesting volumes directly into the system. This eliminates data transfer friction between systems, ensuring more efficient processes and reducing errors associated with manual data entry. 

Christian Decher, CEO of OCELL, commented on the integration: "The TimberData interface marks a significant milestone in offering our customers efficient processes beyond our software. In times of skilled labor shortages and limited resources, modern digital processes that reduce manual effort are more crucial than ever. I am delighted that we have partnered with TimberData as our first integration partner, with more to follow." 

Ludwig Graf Douglas, CEO of TimberTom, added: "The combination of Dynamic Forest with TimberData's ERP completes the entire forestry process, from forest management and planning to harvesting and logistics. It meets the unique requirements of private forest owners, as well as municipal and state-owned entities, including forestry associations such as FBGen and WBVen." 

This integration is part of OCELL's commitment to providing its more than 2,200 users with seamless and streamlined processes. The TimberData interface is the first of several planned integrations with other ERP systems and software providers. 

The collaboration was announced at the KWF Conference starting today in Hesse, where OCELL and TimberData are jointly represented at booth Z2-025. 

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About OCELL:  
OCELL is an innovative technology company unlocking the full potential of forests as a sustainable resource. Utilizing state-of-the-art AI technology, OCELL delivers efficient and sustainable solutions for forestry to address climate challenges. Dynamic Forest software optimizes forest management, while Digital Forestry simplifies and accelerates forest inventory processes. OCELL also collaborates closely with forestry companies to develop transparent, measurable, and impactful climate protection projects that companies can invest in, providing forest operators with an additional revenue stream through ecosystem services compensation. 


About TimberTom with TimberData: 
TimberTom was founded in 2017 with the aim of streamlining operations and processes for forestry enterprises. Initially launching the platform, which allows forest owners to sell firewood directly to end customers from the forest road, TimberTom later acquired software developer DekaData and developed the ERP system TimberData as an evolution of the popular "EuroForst". Since late 2023, TimberData has been implemented in nearly 50 forestry companies and is set to replace EuroForst in the near future. 


OCELL Press Contact: 
Kathrin Kirchler 
Head of Marketing & Communications  

TimberTom Press Contact: 
Alex Schroff 
Head of Marketing and PR