OCELL and AARI Partner for Modern and Sustainable Forest Management and Ecosystem Services Compensation

Munich, 12 September 2023OCELL, a leading provider of forest management software, and AARI Forest, the market leader in forest inventory management, are entering into a strategic partnership. The collaboration's goal is to optimize forest management in companies managed by AARI and to promote the ecosystem services of the managed forests. This is made possible through OCELL's modern technology.

Just in time for AARI's market entry, the company is joining forces with OCELL, an innovative partner with extensive knowledge of the German forestry industry. Together, they aim to modernize and digitize forest management in AARI supported operations from the outset. OCELL offers a comprehensive solution with its Dynamic Forest software, which streamlines and transparently depicts all forest management processes. Additionally, Digital Forest Inventory improves inventory data precision for better forest planning and management.

Christian Decher, Co-CEO of OCELL, said, "We are very excited that an established company like AARI has chosen a young provider like OCELL for its expansion into the German market. Together, we will digitize all processes from day one, enabling more efficient and transparent forest management."

The partnership extends beyond forest management. Based on its forestry technology, OCELL develops regional climate protection projects that are transparent, measurable, and effective. AARI participates as a project partner to incentivize the ecosystem services of its customers. This makes a valuable contribution to strengthening the forests' carbon sink capacity.

Elina Kalela, CEO of AARI, stated, "It is impressive what OCELL has achieved in just a few years and how the team has modernized an entire industry with its software. Together with climate protection projects for sustainable, CO2-optimized forestry, OCELL becomes the ideal partner for us. For us, ecological and economic actions go hand in hand."

About OCELL:
OCELL is a leading provider of software for forestry operations, enabling them to manage their forests more effectively and efficiently, thereby making a more positive contribution to the climate. This is achieved by processing aerial photographs with additional data sources and artificial intelligence to create digital twins of the forest. These digital twins provide insights into forest growth, current CO2 storage capacity, and can predict optimal forest management, among other things. This allows the forest to fully realize its potential as a sustainable resource and highly efficient CO2 storage. OCELL has approximately 350,000 hectares of sustainable forest area under contract from clients in Europe and North America.

About AARI Forest:
AARI Forest focuses on the management of forest properties while taking into account natural values. Our clients are forest owners who prioritize the economic yield of the forest but not at any cost. Our forest management model combines a balance between financial returns, biodiversity, carbon sequestration in forests, and recreational values. Our Finnish roots and years of experience in the forest environment enable us to achieve sustainable and long-term forest management.

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Kathrin Kirchler 
Senior Brand & Comms Manager 
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